Review Process

Editorial Review Process

We assure authors that the review process is RIGOROUS and FAIR. IJCSR will strive to send the decision within  two to three months. We employ double-blind peer review process. The reviews will be made as clear as possible. The editorial process is described below.

  1. Author submits paper to the journal.
  2. The editor-in-chief (EIC) checks the suitability of the paper in the journal. If not suitable, it will be sent back to the author.
  3. If the paper is within the scope of the journal, it will be sent to two or three referees. One referee will be assigned to review position paper.
  4. The referees will send the reviews/comments to the EIC.
  5. The EIC will decide based on the referees’ comments.
  6. Decision will be sent to the author within two to three months.

Editorial Decision

Submitted paper needs to be crystal clear and free from syntax, typographical, and grammatical errors. If the paper contains serious writing issues (to the extent the EIC could not understand the paper), it will be sent back to the author. If the paper passed the initial screening of the EIC, the paper will be sent to at least two referees. The papers may be subjected to two rounds of revisions, but no more than two rounds will be imposed. Referees may recommend one of the following decisions.

  1. Reject
  • The argumentation of the paper is flawed and is not supported by facts and/or data.
  1. Reject with re-submission
  • The paper has a potential contribution but substantive re-working on the paper has to be done.
  • There are major flaws in the paper and would require rewriting most parts of the paper.
  1. Possible acceptance after Major revisions
  • Most parts of the paper need rewriting.
  • The paper will undergo another round of review.
  • The paper may be accepted after the revisions.
  1. Possible Acceptance after Minor revision
  • There are only small parts of the paper that needs rewriting.
  • The paper will undergo another round of review.
  • The paper may be accepted after the revisions.
  1. Accept
  • Papers that satisfactorily meet all the revisions will be accepted.
  • An outright acceptance may be given at the discretion of the EIC.


For Conference Papers, Guest Editor, and Special Issue

  • Conference papers in a special issue will undergo the same review process.
  • The guest editors will facilitate the review process of the articles and recommend papers to the EIC.
  • The EIC will initiate another round of review if necessary.